Timber Journal is now accepting submissions on the theme of Ruination. You can find a detailed description below. We accept original works of prose, poetry, art, and hybrid work. We also seek reviews, interviews, and essays to publish as rolling content on our website. In addition to our winter and summer web issues, we publish work on our website monthly.  

Prose: up to 4,000 words. Fiction, flash fiction (up to 5 pieces), nonfiction, and hybrid works are welcome.

Poetry: up to 6 poems. Hybrid genre welcome. 

Translations welcome in either genre (please provide written confirmation of rights to translate). 

Art: up to 5 high resolution images

In the case of hybrid works, please submit to the category you feel best represents your work.

Essays, reviews, and interviews: up to 1,500 words. Send a pitch to timberjournal@gmail.com first.

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Simultaneous submissions are accepted, although if your work is accepted elsewhere please withdraw it using the submission system immediately.

Only one submission per issue, please.

We try to respond to all submissions within two months, although if three go by and you still have not heard from us, feel free to drop us a line at timberjournal@gmail.com.


Ruin, as process and product, ethic and aesthetic, not only befalls materials, systems, and bodies, but is inherent to them. Structures contain the seeds of what can overcome them (think of flag burning as the ultimate exercise of the First Amendment or vaccinations that confer immunity through the introduction of a pathogen or a bridge that must flex with the wind). Processes of destruction and decay attest to a material’s existence as much as to its precarity, gesture to its birth as well as to its death. Whether through construction and deconstruction of the human-made, decay and growth of living organisms, erosion of natural materials, or the way language, in the gap between its existence as material and as tool, always threatens to undo the meaning it offers, we find possibility in the spaces and cracks that open.

We want to see your interpretations of RUINATION:

Through Medium and Material: practices of disfigurement, defacement, discoloration, erasure, destruction, rupture, disruption in visual, textual, performance art and artifacts.

Through Structure: a plot or character construction deconstructs or implodes, a text reveals its seams, a poem’s form unravels.

Thematic Ruination/ Ruination Thematized: the theme of a work transforms, falls apart, becomes untenable. Or, a work contains themes related to ruin, decay, organic or inorganic finitude, change that moves towards, or makes use of, chaos, the unpredictable, that which contains the possibility of, natural or unnatural, ruin.

And: splicing and grafting among any and all of the above.

Show us crumbling infrastructure, wreckage, and raw material. Show us combinations and interpretations we can’t yet conceive.

Please submit no more than 5 high resolution images.