There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Submissions for the TIMBER Summer 2018 Issue around the theme of CONFLAGRATION will open February 2nd.  


CONFLAGRATION: a large, destructive, or threatening fire.

For this issue, we’re seeking poetry, prose, and visual poetry/word art that reflect the danger and power of the hungry flame. Fire, metaphorically, has been used to define a range of experiences and emotions, many of them contradictory: rage, passion, vigor, politics, war, rebirth, disconnection, hunger, ruination. To say the world is on fire would not be an overstatement, no matter the meaning or the range. In Colorado, we’ve always got one eye on forest fires, but our relationships and social institutions seems equally at risk of bursting into flame.

Send us the fires that occupy your minds and leave scars on the earth in their wake. These are the fires that necessitate rebuilding or force a change in thinking and heart. These are fires comprising thousands of little fires gradually building into an inescapable inferno. Send us work that equally refuses to be ignored.

If you think you have something that captures any of the literal or metaphorical possibilities of CONFLAGRATION, chances are we’ll see it too. We’re interested in seeing each and every possibility contained in the kernel of our theme.

Sometimes, TIMBER burns..

Sometimes, after the fire, we heal.

We are accepting submissions in poetry, prose, and visual poetry/word art. We are also interested in hybrid work that pushes against the limits of genre. 

TIMBER is a journal of literary art based out of the University of Colorado-Boulder MFA program.